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Quality Control

Quality Certifications

Xiange's quality management system is ISO 9001 certified. We also have manufacturing partners in our ecosystem with the following certifications:

Xiange offers certifications for your orders including:

Material Certifications

Certificates of Conformity

Production-Grade Quality Inspection Capabilities

Xiange offers a wide range of quality inspection services with state-of-the-art equipment
provided by our facilities and partner ecosystem.

In-Depth Inspection Reports for Every Part

Dependable Quality to Unblock Innovation

Department Content Objective Actual Source of statistics Remark

General Quality


Customer satisfaction >98% / Customer satisfaction questionnaire Annually
Qualified rate >98% 96.7% Inspection form Monthly
On-line delivery rate >98% 95.5% Order delivery statistics Monthly
Customer of complaints <3 times < 5 times Customer complaint record form Monthly

The quality object

of each


internation Dept customer satisfaction >98% / Customer satisfaction questionnaire Annually
Prototypes Dept Planned completion rate >99.5% 98.7% Daily production record Monthly
Delivery rate >98.5% >96.3% Daily production record Monthly
Qualification rate for sample >95.5% >94.5% Sample quality evalution form Monthly
Sheet metal Fabrication On-time delivery >98% 96% Sales storehouse Monthly
CNC machining Dept On-time delivery >98% 95.5% Purchasing sheet Monthly
Precision stamping Dept On-time delivery >98% 98% Purchasing sheet Monthly
Quality Assurance Dept Timely handling of customer complaints 100% 100% Customer complaint record form Monthly
Customer of complaints <3 times < 5 times Customer complaint record form Monthly

Quality Control Process

Xiange strict quality control on all our production stages and final products. We have an advanced testing equipment such as salt spray testing, 3D coordinate measuring machine, 2.5D projector, flaw detector, and spectrometer. Aside from that, we also offer comprehensive raw material testing and verification to ensure the quality of the products.

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