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Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD

Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD

China Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD manufacturer
Company Profile
Xiange technology was established in 2003, starting from a stamping /metal sheet factory, specialize in producing different kinds Metal sheets parts case/housing, stamping contacts, other No-standard accessories products, including punchingCNC cuttinglaser cutting/bending/riveting/welding/power/liquid painting/plating process; The goods widely used in medical device, PCBA, communication devices, IT& Electricity Equipment, lead-frame, domestic appliance, ATM, etc.
In 2007 Xiange invested a more than 2000 square meters plant with Japan brother CNC processing center, Japan star 5-axis CNC machining center, CNC turning machines, drilling & tapping machines and so on. Specialize in producing each kind of No-standard products, the raw material cover Copper/brass, AL, Stainless steel,AISI1137,1144,4140,4340, etc. the products are used in Medical, Sensor, Electronics, Machinery, Solar Energy, Audio Amplifiers, Heat Radiation Equipment, Lightings, Furniture Decorations etc.
  Besides our own factory and machines, we also have long-term cooperated Investment casting/Forging/MIM factory that can help to provide Semi-finished products to us for doing post production by CNC machining to finish some complex parts. Therefore, we can provide you all kinds of metal parts per your requirements at economical cost, fast delivery, full set service.
China Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD manufacturer

Company Culture

Technological Pursuit

Devote ourselves to producing more precision plastic and metal parts with a professional attitude, deliver solutions with lean and agile processes.

Operation Philosophy

To be most competitive, challenging, inclusive and vigorous, invest in advanced technology and talent.

Quality Policy

Focus on higher quality to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement by technological innovation, earn respect by fulfilling our promises.

Environment Policy

Save energy, prevent pollution, comply with laws and aim at sustainable development.

The most important corporate culture is hard work, every staff strives to do their best. We know that when individuals improve a little bit day by day, it means the whole company will be greatly improved, the increased orders represent customer's recognition and finally it will return to our stuff. This is a virtuous circle, our guys recognize this culture and willing to right for it.

China Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD manufacturer
China Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD manufacturer
Company Information
Basic Information
Company Name: Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co.,LTD
Business Type: Manufacturer,Seller
Brands: Xiange
Employee Number: 50~100
Year Established: 2003
Total Sales Annual: 5000000-20000000
Company Location: 1109 Jiayu Building, ShaJiang Road SongGang Town Baoan District Shenzhen City China
Factory Location: 1109 Jiayu Building, ShaJiang Road SongGang Town Baoan District Shenzhen City China
Trade & Market
  • Company slogan:

    Shenzhen Xiange Technology Co., Ltd.

  • OEM Overview:

  • Production Line:

    Shenzhen Xiange Technology co.,ltd

    To provide excellent quality and best service to customers

    Xiange Technology was established in 2003, Xiange is a manufacturer specialized in all kind of 3D printing parts, high accuracy CNC parts, Metal sheet fabrication and Stamping/Casting accessories. “Honesty” ”Quality” ”Service” “Gratitude” are our company culture.

    We have 2000 sq. ft factory including 3D printing equipment, CNC milling/turning machines, Automatic lathe machines, Stamping/bending machines, Laser cutting machines. We services 650+ customers all over the world. We have global strategy and develop our business to the United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions.

    Xiange is really eager to cooperate with you. Let’s start!

    CNC workshop

    Sheet metal processing workshop

    Deep draw

    Product and mold process

    R&D Department

    Testing equipment

    Customer visting

    Customized mold

    Spare parts warehouse

    Solutions for Your Industrial


    Manufacturing Capabilities Professional and technical personnel

    Equip with high precision 3/4/5 axis CNC Besides the basic manufacturing

    machines, Xiange Parts is confident to services, you can also obtain excellent

    handle manufacturing cases from single services from Xiange Parts’ outstanding

    prototype to mass production team including:

    manufacturing. XIANGE Parts will also -Quote in 24 hours

    ensure you obtain the highest quality -DFM issued in 1-2 days

    products at a reasonable price with the -Financial Assistant

    shortest lead time. -Professional packing service

    -FAIR provided

    -Secure low-cost shipping option

    -Custom clearance support.

    High quality spare parts One-stop service and Affordable price

    Xiange Parts assures our customers to Xiange Parts offers a one-stop service

    deliver the products to your print. that will save you both time and money.

    Tolerance could be held up to 0.005mm We can do various post-machining

    Advanced instruments like CMM, surface finish for your parts to display,

    projector, micrometer, high gauge, etc. and any assembly works as requested.

    are used to ensure every dimension can Xiange Parts targets the best rapid

    be inspected and measured accurately prototyping and low-volume production
    First article inspection report is our company in North America and Europe at
    inspection standard for every single project. an affordable price.

  • R&D:

  • Our Team:


    Our experienced team looks forward to working together with you! Please contact us using the information below, or call our main office number and our friendly office staff will direct your inquiry to the correct person.

  • History:

    Xiange technology was established in 2003, starting from a stamping /metal sheet manufacturer,

    specialize in producing different kinds of Metal sheets parts /Cabinets, stamping contactors, other customized accessories products,including punching CNC cuttinglaser cutting/bending/riveting/welding/power liquid painting plating process; The goods widely used in

    medical device, PCBA, communication devices, IT& Electricity Equipment, lead-frame, domestic appliance, ATM, etc.

  • Service:


    Service Items
    CNC Machining, Prototype, 3D Printing, CNC Precision Parts,Kits, Sheet Metal Processing, Silicone Compound Mold, Small Batch Customization, etc.
    Service Features
    Technological Innovation, Complex and Difficult Sample Processing, Fast Quotation, Fast Processing, High Precision, High Quality, Product Confidentiality, One-to-one Service, High Cost Performance
    Application Area
    Mechanical Hardware, Electronic Instruments, Household Appliances, Lighting, 3C Digital, Mobile Phones, Automobile & Motorcycle Accessories, Automated Robots, Drones, Medical Equipment, Aerospace & Military Industry, etc.
    Processing Technology
    3/4/5-axis CNC Machining, Lathe Processing, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing SLA/SLS/SLM/FDM, Silicone Compound Mold, Sheet Metal Forming, EDM, Wire Cutting, etc.


    Processing Equipment
    CNC Machining Center, CNC lathe, CNC Engraving & Milling Machine, Milling Machine, 3D Printer, Drilling & Tapping Machine, Metal sheets stamping Equipment, Sandblasting Machine, etc.
    Processing Capacity
    1000-5000 per day
    Custom Metal Solutions

    Candle Holders/Cups ,Medical Containers, Metal End Covers, Mobile Phone Shells

    Crafts Stamping Parts, Tablewares ,Aluminum Lids, Cabinet Enclosures

    Lighting Stamping Parts ,Filters/Strainers, Cosmetic Caps ,Furniture Accessories

    Metal Brackets/Stands, Protective Shields, Essential Oil Caps, Door&Window Fittings

    Electronic Components, Sheet Metal Panels, Perfume Caps ,Shafts/Sleeves/Gears

    Electrical Connections, Cooling Fins, Wine Bottle Caps, Fasteners

    Metal Structures, Metal Contact Clips, Jar Caps ,Machinery Parts

    Car Spare Parts ,Motor Spare Parts, Glass Bottle Caps ,Pipe Fittings/Elbows

    Manufacturing Process

    1.Project Customization

    2.Disassembly & Programming

    3.Material Preparation

    4.CNC Processing,Metal Sheets Processing

    5.QC Inspection

    6.Surface Treatment

    7.General Quality Inspection

    8.Shipment of Finished Products

    Drawing Format
    3D: IGS, STP, STEP, PRT, XT, STL (3D Printing File)
    2D: DWG, DXF, PDF
    Processing Material
    Metal: Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Magnesium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Steel, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Sheet Metal, etc.
    Plastic: ABS, PC, PE, PP, POM, Acrylic (PMMA), FR4, Nylon, Bakelite, Silicone Rubber, etc.
    Surface Treatment
    Grinding, Polishing, Silk Screen, Electroplating, UV, Oxidation, Wire Drawing, Laser Carving, Sandblasting, Leather Texture, Surface Etching, Baking Finish Encapsulation, Transfer, Bronzing, etc.
    Quality Inspection

    1.Material Quality Inspection

    2.Accuracy Quality Inspection

    3.Appearance Quality Inspection

    4.Functional Quality Inspection

    5.Structural Quality Inspection

    6.Surface Treatment Quality Inspection

    7.Packaging Quality Inspection

    Inspection Equipment
    3-coordinate Measuring Instrument, 2.5-dimensional Measuring Instrument, Inner Diameter Micrometer, Outer Diameter Micrometer, Electronic Height Ruler, Thread Pass-through Gauge, External Thread Ring Gauge, Electronic Caliper, Needle Gauge, etc.
    Production Process
    1.Material Procurement
    2.Material Inspection
    3.Material Storage
    4.Order Picking
    5.CNC Processing
    6.QC Initial Inspection
    7.Surface Treatment
    8.QC General Quality Inspection
    9.Finished Product Storage
    11.Packaging Inspection
    Construction Period
    1-10 Days (The Actual Construction Period Depends on the Quantity and Requirements of the Product)
    Product Packaging
    Inner Packing: Foam, Plastic, Paper, etc.
    Outer Packing: Hard Thick Cardboard Box, Custom Wooden Box, etc.
    Cooperation Process
    1.Provide Samples/Drawings
    2.Project Quotation
    3.Confirm Order
    4. Processing & Production
    5.Packaging & Delivery 6.Confirm Receipt
    Payment Method
    T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union
    Support Express · Sea Freight · Air Freight



    CNC machining(Milling)


    CNC machining(Turning)



    Xiange provides computer numerical control (CNC) machining for a wide range of applications

    and industries. online CNC machining services.

    ● Equipped with 3 axis, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining capability,

    On-demand custom cnc machining services

    Both small and large-volume orders with ease.

    Quick-turn prototypes are available within 24 hours & 21 days for production CNC parts


    Metal sheets fabrication


    Xiange are able to perform large volumes in a short time. We quickly and inexpensively carry out work on cutting and fabrication sheet metal in China. Our equipment allows you to cut sheet metal up to 5 mm thick and bend at any angle with a bend length of up to 1000 mm.

    -Sheet metal thickness 0.5 - 10mm

    -More than 10 kind of materials and finishes are available

    • -Fastest delivery time 3 working days

    Metal precision stamping



    We offer a wide range of precision stamping services, including progressive die stamping, deep drawn stamping, and more. Our cost-effective tooling and ability to accommodate both short and long production runs allow us to deliver high-quality stampings on time and with low costs.



    3D printing rapid prototyping



    Xiange offers online 3D printing services for rapid prototyping and production in volume. Our clients are across a wide variety of industries and companies, including automotive, construction, aerospace, defense, electronics, machinery, industrial automation, medical, healthcare, consumer production, oil & gas, etc.


    Reaction Injection Moulding(RIM)


    With our versatile RIM design capabilities, we can manufacture a wide variety of custom parts, including:

    • Bezels
    • Covers
    • Handles
    • Multiple part complete plastic enclosures
    • Internal components
    • Doors


    Vacuum casting



    Xiange is fully capable of handling your vacuum casting and silicone molding needs. With years of expertise in the field, we can fabricate your plastic parts to the highest standard, as well as cost-efficient and with fast turnarounds.


    Die casting



    We run several die casting processes. Our pressure die casting operations may be summarized as hot-chamber or cold-chamber die casting.



    Surface finishing



    Xiange offers a variety of surface treatment to the finished CNC parts and components. We offer surface treatment such as laser engraving, polishing, powder coating, anodizing, painting, sandblasting, grinding, zinc plating, chrome plating, and more. We can provide customize surface treatment based on your requirements.

Factory Information
Market name: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide
Contact Person: Shawn Dong